A TikToker Called UofT The 'Harvard Of The North' & The Comments Are Hilarious (VIDEO)

"This doesn't look like Montreal to me?" 🤔

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A University of Toronto students walking downtown making a TikTok.

A University of Toronto students walking downtown making a TikTok.

A TikTok posted by University of Toronto student, Kiana Najaf has students across Canada up in arms after the content creator referred to UofT as the "Harvard of the north."

The statement has certainly caused a major stir in the comments, with many people stating that McGill University is actually the real "Harvard of the north." Considering McGill beat out UofT in a global university ranking for 2023, it's only fair that people are defending the esteemed Montreal school.


I heard Kim’s coming here next🤪 #uoft

The five-second TikTok shows Kiana walking the UofT campus with a featured caption that reads, "How it feels going to the Harvard of the North."

Although she doesn't specifically mention the University of Toronto in the video, which sparked some questions as to which school she was actually referring to, Kiana included #UofT at the bottom of the video – making it clear she's in the 6ix.

Well, the comments were flooded with people discrediting Kiana's claim, stating McGill University deserves the title.

"People that didn't get into McGill fight tooth and nail to call UofT the Harvard of the north," one user wrote.

"But...you don't go to McGill?" another wrote. "Harvard of the north is McGill," one comment reads.

Folks in the comment section kept the UofT versus McGill battle going. However, we can't help but laugh as a few Americans in the replies haven't even heard of either school.

"It's so funny watching people fight over UofT and McGill when nobody in the U.S. has heard of either," another person wrote.

So, which school do you think truly deserves that Harvard title?

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