Asian Grocery Store T&T Has A Rewards Program With Extra Discounts — Here's How It Works

You can also claim gifts.

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The façade of a T&T grocery store. Right: Items for sale inside a T&T grocery store.

The façade of a T&T grocery store. Right: Items for sale inside a T&T grocery store.

Quebec's first T&T opens in Saint-Laurent on December 15. In anticipation of the arrival of Canada's largest Asian grocery store chain in Montreal, here's a breakdown of the T&T Rewards program, including how to sign up, get points, and claim gifts and extra discounts.

What is T&T Rewards?

T&T Rewards program members can accumulate points with purchases that they can redeem to claim gifts either in-store or on the T&T app. Members get 20 points for every $20 spent before tax. So, someone who spends $61 at T&T would get 60 points. Someone who spends $79 would also only get 60 points.

It takes tens of thousands of points to claim gifts. At the time of writing, the eligible redeemable items are a selection of pots and rice cookers ranging in value from 18,000 to 39,000 points.

Perhaps more intriguing are the special discounts reserved for T&T Rewards program members. The T&T app and in-store flyer list member coupons and discounts. Under the "T&T Rewards" tab on the app, members can select the coupons they'd like to use and apply them to a purchase within 24 hours of activation.

Rewards program users can also get points for using delivery and pickup services.

How does T&T Rewards work?

Rewards program members using the app have to scan the barcode under the "T&T Rewards" tab at checkout to get their points. A customer's total number of points will then update in the app. A rewards program FAQ says points can take up to 24 hours to show up on an account.

Members get a main account plus two associate accounts that they can share with friends and family. On the app, rewards program users can send email invitations to those they wish to gift their sub-accounts. Recipients who sign up on the app get a barcode that matches the one for the main account. Points earned through those satellite accounts benefit the main account holder.

Points do expire after six months of inactivity on a rewards account, according to the FAQ.

Almost all products for sale in T&T can qualify for rewards points at checkout. However, the fine print states that prescription, stamp, lottery, tobacco, newspaper and gift card purchases are excluded.

Moreover, customers who use coupons will only see points for the net value of their purchase i.e. for the value of their items after they apply their coupons. So, for example, a rewards program member using a $5 coupon on one item in a load with a before-tax value of $124 would get 100 rewards points instead of 120.

How do you sign up for the T&T Rewards program?

It's as easy as downloading the T&T app, going to the T&T Rewards tab and entering the required personal contact information. Once that's done, there will be an email with an activation link. A rewards program barcode will then appear in the app.

Customers can otherwise get a physical T&T Rewards program card by filling out and submitting a paper application in-store.

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