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Canada's Fall Weather Forecast Is Out & Quebec Is Looking Warm And Dry

AccuWeather predicts some stellar fall foliage along the eastern coast!

Fall leaves cover Mont Tremblant.

Fall leaves cover Mont Tremblant.

AccuWeather has released Canada's fall weather forecast, and it's looking crisp and mild for Quebec and the rest of the eastern seaboard. The west coast is gearing up for a stormy season, though, largely due to the impact of La Niña, a Pacific Ocean climate phenomenon that has a strong impact on storm systems across the world.

This is the third year in a row that La Niña has reigned supreme over the Pacific, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson. He predicts that the phenomenon will "likely impact the overall weather pattern for Canada this upcoming season and perhaps into winter." Typically, La Niña gives Canada wetter and colder winters — so exciting, right?

For the Prairies, this fall is looking pretty standard, Anderson predicts. The only thing making this season noteworthy for Albertans is a chance of higher winds, and Manitoba might be in for some stormy weather. It'll be nothing compared to what's in store for western Canada, though.

Part of La Niña's impact on global weather is a shift of the jet stream, a primary wind pathway that determines, in part, where storms will travel across the world. AccuWeather predicts an active storm track will worm its way into British Columbia, dumping higher levels of precipitation across the region.

Concerned BCers might remember the massive, devastating flooding from last year — that was La Niña's doing. Anderson is hopeful that this season won't bring a repeat of those truly unsavoury conditions, as the floods in the province last year are considered one-in-500 occurrences. Still, British Columbia can expect some mighty downpours as the leaves begin to change.

The Maritimes, Ontario and Quebec can all prepare for some truly stunning fall foliage this year, Anderson adds, due to the warmer clime. The peak week for leaf viewing might be slightly delayed, but it's shaping up to be spectacular. At least the east has something to look forward to before we enter the winter wonderland to come.

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