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Montreal Weather Is Warming Up As Temps Are Set To Hit 21 C Next Week

Mother Nature is serving a summer throwback.

Montreal during a sunny fall day.

Montreal during a sunny fall day.

Montreal weather has been less than stellar lately with far more cold and rainy days than any of us would really like. Well, if you've been hoping for a little summer throwback, then next week is your time to shine as temperatures are expected to hit 21 degrees C.

According to The Weather Network, conditions are expected to improve starting this Saturday and Sunday with a high of 18 degrees, which will continue well into the week.

A high of 19 C is expected for Tuesday with a forecast of "a mix of sun and clouds." Heck yeah! As if a sunny 19-degree day wasn't good enough — humidity will be taking things up a notch, but only ever so lightly.

Wednesday, October 26, will also see similar temps (21 C) with a "mainly sunny" forecast and a "feels like" of 23. that you? If only, right?

While next Thursday's forecast is calling for a "chance of showers," Montrealers can still revel in the 15 degrees C temps. Despite being (somewhat) warm and sunny during the day; expect the weather to dip down during the night. It still is October after all.

For those who are dreading winter's icy return, it's best to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts, as conditions are expected to revert back to the 12 to 14 C range, per The Weather Network's 14-day forecast.

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