Quebec's Winter Forecast Is Out & It Could Get 'Unreasonably Cold'... Tabarnouche

Temperatures are expected to drop to -40°C. 🥶

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​A person walks down St-Denis in the winter.

A person walks down St-Denis in the winter.

Soak in the sunny days of summer for as long as you can, because this winter is going to get extra cold. The Farmer's Almanac has released its extended forecast, predicting plenty of storms accompanied by "unreasonably cold" temps. You may want to start planning for your winter vacay escape now.

Quebec is expected to get record-breaking cold snaps with snow, rain and mush, especially in the first months of 2023.

"The last half of January looks quite stormy," according to the Almanac.

A map of Canada shows "unreasonably cold, snowy" conditions in Quebec.A map of Canada shows "unreasonably cold, snowy" conditions in Quebec.Courtesy of Farmers Almanac.

Heavy snow is expected in Quebec between January 20 and 23. In February, a possible Nor’easter may drop between 12 to 24 inches of snow in some parts of the province.

Quebecers could also be subjected to one of the coldest Arctic blasts in recent years. Temperatures are expected to drop to -40°C (a temp that’s actually the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius).


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The arrival of spring isn't expected to warm things up either. March is expected to bring heavy snow, torrential rain, and thunderstorms in Quebec and across the country.

The Farmer's Almanac offers longer-term forecasts than other sources, based on a set of rules developed in 1818 by the Almanac’s first editor, David Young, who was both an astronomer and mathematician. Sunspot activity, the Moon's impact on tides, planet positions, and other factors are all considered when the Almanac predicts seasonal weather patterns.

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