In the week of October 19, Vincent Leblanc, 20, also known on TikTok and Instagram as @vince.erc, filmed himself doing a backflip onto a Montreal metro car. 

The self-proclaimed "adrenaline junkie" moved to Montreal recently from New Brunswick.

"We don't have any metros over there, it's always been on my bucket list to flip onto a train or a bus," he told MTL Blog.

"So I had to do it when I got to Montreal."

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He explained that he and his friends worked out the height and the timing of the train. "After that I just told my friends to film me and I did it."

"The one thing that takes confidence is the fact that I've been practising backflips for a long time but, sometimes it can turn out badly and I might not land it," he said.

"I'm really happy with the result of my video but I still have a little knee pain."

It goes without saying that this was an incredibly dangerous stunt and should not be attempted.

In a statement previously shared with MTL Blog, the STM said that it's "aware of this video and the information is already in the hands of [its] Safety and control team."

"The STM strongly condemns such acts, which are extremely dangerous," it said.

"It could have led to serious injury or even death, and/or damaged the train and cause a metro interruption."

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