A Man Flipped His Car Off A West Island Overpass, Landed Upside Down & Was Basically Fine

Montreal police say he only suffered a few minor injuries.

A Man Flipped His Car Off A West Island Overpass, Landed Upside Down & Was Basically Fine
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A 40-year-old man drove off the Sources Boulevard overpass in Pointe-Claire at around 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning, flipping his car over in the process. But despite the severity of the car accident, the man survived, walking away with only a few minor injuries.

According to SPVM spokesperson Raphaël Bergeron, the man lost control of his vehicle before taking a big fall — landing upside down on the south side of Avenue Donegani near a bus shelter.

Bergeron said the man was transported to the hospital "as a precaution" to make sure he was fine.

While falling from the overpass, Bergeron said the car damaged a city sign and a bus shelter on Avenue Donegani.

"We are also trying to determine if alcohol was involved in the crash," said Bergeron.

Montreal police are awaiting test results to determine whether intoxication played a role in the crash, he said.

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