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Environment Canada Issued A Winter Storm Warning For Montreal And Laval

Quebec's Ministry of Transportation advised against non-essential driving.

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Environment Canada Issued A Winter Storm Warning For Montreal And Laval

Mother Nature is starting the week off with a bang for Montrealers, with 15 to 25 centimetres of snow expected on Monday.

This heavy load of snow coming our way led Environment Canada to issue a winter storm warning for various parts of the province, including Châteauguay - La Prairie area, Laval area, Longueuil - Varennes area, and Montréal Island area.

The federal government department warned that "the snow combined with strong northeasterly winds will give near zero visibilities in blowing snow over these regions," so driving could be difficult to navigate today because of the copious amounts of snow on surfaces and the difficulty in vision by it blowing all around.

In a press release on Sunday, Quebec's Ministry of Transportation also warned locals about the "strong winds and cold temperatures" making their way to different regions in the province.

Monday, January 17, is also the date when in-person learning was supposed to resume at Quebec schools, but it seems most schools in the province have called for a snow day.

Being extra cautious on the roads is heavily advised. "Drivers will need to exercise caution and adjust their driving to the sometimes changing road conditions on any given stretch of road. Drivers are also encouraged to postpone non-essential travel."

But, rest assured that Ministry of Transportation crews will be working in full force today to do their best to reduce the impact of the winter storm.

The poor weather conditions are expected to continue into the evening. So if you don't have to leave the house today, it may be best not to.

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