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Quebec Schools Are Officially Reopening Next Week

From elementary schools to universities, back-to-school is happening, according to Legault.

Quebec Schools Are Officially Reopening Next Week

To be fair, if you're a student in Quebec , this might be bad news but it's definitely good news for over-stressed parents. According to Premier François Legault, the province's back-to-school plan is moving forward as planned on Monday, January 17.

In a Facebook post, Legault said that "it's very important for children to go back to school, to learn, to get back with their friends, to regain a semblance of normality." All students, from elementary school to university, will have to enjoy their last weekend of freedom before heading back to class.

Legault claimed that "the vast majority of children do not face significant health risks with COVID. On the other hand," he said, "school delays and isolation can cause major problems."

The return to school could coincide with the removal of Quebec's controversial curfew. Reports indicate that the province is poised to lift the restriction on nighttime travel in the coming days.

Directly appealing to parents, Legault said that he understands if people might be worried about their child contracting COVID-19 while at school.

"What is reassuring is that 98% of high school teens are vaccinated with one dose and 89% with two doses," he said.

"Our primary school children are nearly 60% vaccinated for the first dose and their immune response is very strong at this age. Teachers, for their part, are massively vaccinated and have had priority access to the third dose since the end of December."

The government claims that rapid tests will be available in schools when kids return next week.

As for CEGEPs and universities, Legault said that students "will also be able to go back to school in person" but the institutions "will be given some leeway to adjust."

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