Fiona Is On Track To Slam Eastern Quebec & ​Atlantic Canada, Environment Canada Warns

Heavy rain and hurricane-force winds are expected on Saturday.

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​Trees sway in the midst of a storm.

Trees sway in the midst of a storm.

Hurricane Fiona is expected to hit eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada with heavy rainfall and powerful hurricane-force winds this weekend.

Environment Canada warns that the Category 4 storm is on track to land in Nova Scotia on Saturday. Parts of the province and the Gulf of St. Lawrence could see raging winds up to 200 km/h and around 20 centimetres of rainfall.

Waves over 12 metres tall are anticipated along the coastline, causing road washouts, beach erosion and severe flooding. "Some districts have received large quantities of rain recently, and excessive runoff may exacerbate the flooding potential," said the weather agency.

Severe winds could cause structural damage to buildings, especially construction sites, and result in electricity blackouts as tree branches tear into utility lines.

Environment Canada is advising residents who live near or in the path of the hurricane to prepare individual emergency kits ahead of the storm. The agency says each one should include:

  • 2 litres of water per person per day;
  • food that can't go bad, like canned goods (and a can opener), energy bars and dried fruit/meat;
  • a flashlight;
  • a battery-powered or wind-up radio;
  • extra batteries;
  • a first aid kit;
  • health items, like prescription meds and baby formula;
  • extra keys to your car and house; and
  • cash (especially smaller bills and change for payphones).

Storm surge warnings have been issued for all of Nova Scotia and P.E.I. as well as most of Newfoundland and New Brunswick and parts of eastern Quebec.

Fiona has reportedly killed at least eight people so far while tearing through smaller islands in the Caribbean.

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