The Toronto Maple Leafs Are Getting Roasted By Hockey Fans About A New Amazon Documentary

On October 1, Amazon Prime is coming out with its latest All Or Nothing sports documentary series which will chronicle the 2020-2021 Toronto Maple Leafs season.

And while that's all fine and dandy for the Maple Leafs, some hockey fans have absolutely roasted the Leafs about their new documentary because they've rightfully pointed out that the Leafs end up with, well, nothing.

The memory of the Canadiens' glorious win against their arch-rivals is still fresh in the minds of Habs supporters in Canada and, like some fans have pointed out, it's kind of silly that the Leafs are touting this documentary series when we all know how it ends already.

While it's nice that Amazon has finally chronicled an NHL hockey team for its All or Nothing series, choosing the Leafs, perennial playoff losers, perhaps comes as an odd choice.

Even some Leafs fans don't seem too keen to relive another failed season.

And this time, their embarrassment will be streamed to the whole world.

At least Habs fans can take solace in the fact that the Leafs and their playoff disaster will be streamed across the globe.

Good way to make more Habs fans, innit?