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Gyms In Quebec Can Finally Reopen — These Are All The Rules To Follow

Don't forget to pack your mask in your gym bag!

Gyms In Quebec Can Finally Reopen — These Are All The Rules To Follow

Calling all gym buffs — your time to shine has finally come. As of February 14, gyms in Quebec are finally allowed to reopen their doors after being closed for nearly two months.

But, like with all the other loosened restrictions, there are rules put in place for us to follow.

As you prepare to hit the gym to get your workout on, there are probably all kinds of questions going through your mind: Do I need my vaccine passport? Do I need to wear my mask while working out? How many people can be in a gym at once?

Here are the gym rules you need to know, according to Quebec's ministry of health:

  • Vaccine passports are mandatory for anyone over the age of 13.
  • Gyms must operate at half capacity.
  • Locker room capacity is also 50%.
  • At least one metre of distance must be kept between individuals at the gym.
  • It is recommended that shared objects or equipment be disinfected regularly.
  • Hands must be washed/disinfected when entering the establishments.
  • The public must wear a "procedural" mask.
In regards to mask wearing, National Director of Public Health Dr. Luc Boileau appealed to the "judgment" of athletes and coaches during a press conference on February 1.
"It is obvious that if you are very hot, you are doing an intense sport, you are on the ice, for example, you could remove the mask if you feel more comfortable. But when you are on the bench, even if you are out of breath and then you are next to colleagues or friends, what you should do is continue to wear your mask as much as possible," Boileau said.

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