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Quebec's Reopening Plan Is In Full Force — Here's What's Changing Next

February 14 is an exciting day for the gym lovers in Quebec.

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Quebec's Reopening Plan Is In Full Force — Here's What's Changing Next

Recently, Mondays in Quebec have become days filled with change. And by change, we mean the loosened restrictions.

As Quebec's reopening plan continues to unfold, life is starting to feel a little bit more normal every week. Two weeks ago, we were finally able to start eating at restaurants again, and now, starting on Valentine's Day, the province has some more updates for us.

V-Day isn't only for the lovers this year, it's also for those whose one true love is the gym. The much-anticipated time is officially here: Gyms in Quebec can open their doors once again, but only at half capacity. The same rule applies to spas and saunas in the province.

If you've been patiently waiting to ditch your at-home gym for the real thing, now's the time. Just remember that, unlike when you work out at your place, there are various rules in place, like needing to have your vaccine passport to enter and wearing a mask.

The list of loosened restrictions starting February 14 doesn't stop at gyms, either.

As of this Monday, sports matches can officially start back up again.

Plus, outdoor shows can now have up to 5,000 people in the audience.

For all the shopaholics out there, get excited for next Monday. Starting on February 21, shopping is going to start feeling a little more like it did in 2019 as stores in Quebec are no longer going to have a limited capacity, which means we can say bye-bye to spending hours waiting in lines.

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