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Health Canada Has Recalled These Cheeses Sold In Quebec Due To Listeria Contamination

They're "high-risk," Class 1 recalls.

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Cheeses at a French market.

Cheeses at a French market.

In an un-brie-lievable turn of events, seven cheese products have been recalled by Health Canada as part of two Class 1 recalls — the highest risk level for a food recall. The cheeses, which were sold across Quebec, were found to have possible contamination from Listeria monocytogenes, which can cause listeriosis, a severe infection.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, charged with reviewing and responding to food safety issues across Canada, announced the recall of a brandless low-fat mozzarella due to the risk of listeria infection on October 7. The un-Roquefort-unate contamination doesn't end there, though.

What, that pun was a stretch? Just did it again. That's a cheese-pull joke, baby.

But what isn't a joke is the risk of severe bacterial infection posed by these cheeses. Two Nature's Best shredded cheeses are also being recalled, including cheddar and cheddar-mozzarella mix. Their sliced cheddar is also being blacklisted, along with Zavat Chalav's shredded cheddar, cheddar-mozz mix, and sliced cheddar thins.

Cheese lovers across Quebec (and even some in Ontario) should beware of these specific products and discard them as soon as possible. Class 1 recalls are the most serious level of recall, marking a "high risk that consuming the food may lead to serious health problems or death," according to Health Canada.

To view the specific details and check if your home's cheese drawer has been infiltrated, check the two recall lists here and here. If you do have some listeria-infested cheese in the fridge, you can dispose of it or return it to the point of sale.

If you spot something funky and you'd like to report a health or safety concern related to a potentially contaminated food product to Health Canada, you can do that on their website.

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    Willa Holt
    Staff Writer
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