Transport Canada Has Recalled Even More Cars — Several Makes & Models Are Affected

Porsche, KIA and Audi are among the flagged car manufacturers.

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Cars parked in lot in the wintertime.

Cars parked in lot in the wintertime.

Transport Canada has issued recalls on several vehicle types from manufacturers including Chrysler, Porsche, KIA and Audi. The recalls are due to a variety of health and safety risks posed to both drivers and passengers of the affected cars.

From issues involving faulty airbags and tailgate latches to problems with steering knuckles and possible incorrect weight ratings — the federal department is warning members of the public to verify if their cars are affected and what steps to take next in order to repair the problem(s).

Here's a full list of all affected vehicles flagged by Transport Canada:


Recalled Vehicles:

  • Porsche 911 Carrera 2022 & 2023
  • Porsche 911 GT3 2023

Recall Reason: According to Transport Canada, a problem with the dashboard on several Porsche vehicles could "cause the front passenger airbag to not inflate properly in a crash."

Corrective Action: "Porsche will notify owners by mail and instruct you to take your vehicle to a dealership to replace the dashboard."

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Recalled Vehicles:

  • RAM 2500 2019 & 2020
  • RAM 3500 2019 & 2020
  • RAM 1500 2019 & 2020

Recall Reason: "On certain trucks, the tailgate could unlatch and open while driving. If this happens, cargo that is not secured could fall out of the truck bed and onto the road," Transport Canada said.

Corrective Action: Owners of any of the impacted cars will be notified by mail and instructed to take their trucks to a dealership where the tailgate strikers will be inspected.

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Recalled Vehicle: KIA Forte 2023

Recall Reason: Per Transport Canada, the left-front steering knuckle may crack or break on certain vehicles.

Corrective Action: "Kia will notify owners by mail and instruct you to take your vehicle to a dealership to inspect the left-front steering knuckle. If the batch code stamped on the knuckle is within the affected range, it will be replaced."

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Recalled Vehicles:

  • Audi A3 2023
  • Audi S3 2023

Recall Reason: "On certain vehicles, the compliance label, located on the B-pillar, doesn't list the vehicle weight ratings. As a result, you could overload the vehicle," Transport Canada said.

Corrective Action: Audi will notify owners of affected vehicles and instruct them to take their cars to the dealer where an overlay label will be placed with the correct weight ratings.

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Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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