Hélène Boudreau Says OnlyFans Is A Step Forward For Feminism — "My Body, My Choice"

"Why are porn stars or escorts less important than lawyers?"

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Helene Boudreau on Le monde a l'envers debating whether OnlyFans is a step forward or step backward for feminism.

Helene Boudreau on Le monde a l'envers debating whether OnlyFans is a step forward or step backward for feminism.


Hélène Boudreau appeared on Le monde à l'envers, where she debated whether or not OnlyFans has been a step forward or backward for the feminist movement.

Boudreau, who is known as the "UQAM girl," has made both a name and a fortune for herself on the social subscription platform by sharing adult content, but is what she does an example of feminism? Boudreau says yes.

Feminism is about "having an open mind and spirit and accepting all women's choices," Boudreau told the panel of guests, which included Pierre-Yves Lord, Guy Nantel, Yasmine Abdelfadel and Sophie Durocher.

Boudreau defended OnlyFans, stating that the streaming service has not only allowed women to choose how to use their bodies but grants them the opportunity to earn both money and freedom. "It's a breakthrough because before it was men who owned porn," Boudreau pointed out.

Although not every guest agreed, stating that "pornography" and "feminism" just don't make sense and that it all sounds a bit too "exploitative," Boudreau stood firm on her stance that her choice to use her body to earn income and freedom is what she believes feminism is all about.

The topic of earnings and income also came up during the April 14 episode. The OnlyFans tycoon is often asked how much she earns as a porn star, which she says is a question that would not be acceptable when directed toward a lawyer or in Stéphane Bureau's case, a TV host.

"Why should a porn star or an escort be less important than a lawyer?" she asked. Boudreau later cleared this statement up on her Instagram, saying that she wanted to ask "why is an escort not seen as valuable as a lawyer? No occupation defines a person."

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