Hélène Boudreau's Mexico Vacation Went Horribly Wrong After Her Boyfriend Was Arrested

And she was trapped in her Airbnb!

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Helene Boudreau documents her Mexico trip from hell on TikTok after her boyfriend was arrested.

Helene Boudreau documents her Mexico trip from hell on TikTok after her boyfriend was arrested.

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Hélène Boudreau and her boyfriend, Jessy Jones, have been vacationing in Mexico for the last few days. However, the sunny holiday has seemingly turned into a nightmare. In a series of videos shared on Boudreau's Instagram and TikTok page, the OnlyFans star documented her trip as soon as things took a turn for the worst.

Boudreau can be seen filming from inside her Airbnb in Mexico where she shares that Jessy was actually arrested, and to make matters worse, Boudreau was trapped in her Airbnb while this was all going down.


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"I'm boarded up in my Airbnb and I don't have the key, but that's not the worst of it. Meanwhile, Jessy is in jail in Mexico [...]. He stayed all night," she said in the first of three TikTok videos.

Boudreau shared that the ordeal began the night before, when Jessy wanted to go out, but she wanted to stay in.

"The story begins when Jessy told me he wanted to go out and I wanted to stay home and sleep, so he went to Cancún to celebrate and I slept. And then, boom, there's someone knocking on the door, so I try to open it, but it's impossible. It's locked [...] The key is not there, Jessy has it and I'm stuck."

"I talk to his friend through the window and say 'what the hell is going on?' and he tells me that Jessy is in jail [...]. He tells me 'he peed in public.' I said, 'No, not peeing in public...'" she continued, before adding the friend concluded, "On a police officer," ending the first video.


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In the second TikTok, Boudreau is still stuck in Airbnb — waiting for someone to arrive with a spare key. During this time, someone staying in the condo next door provided Boudreau with some food while she waited. The content creator then shared that Jessy is likely in for a rough time in prison considering his expensive drip.

"Strong thought for Jessy who has his Louis Vuitton shoes that I bought him and then jewelry that is really expensive like probably his Apple watch that I bought him. We are thinking about him a lot. Oh my god, I'm so mean, but you, [...] what he did to the police officer [...], he had it coming," she laughs.

In Boudreau's third TikTok video on the adventure, she and a friend "from Instagram" can be seen driving over to the police station where they got Jessy out. Boudreau ended the documenting of their adventures with a fourth and final video on the platform.

The duo have since shared some snaps of their vacation, making it clear they've left this entire ordeal behind them.

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