Hélène Boudreau Revealed What She Spends Her Money On Most In An Instagram Q&A

The OnlyFans star doesn't care about materialistic items anymore.

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Helene Boudreau wearing a gorgeous white suit, Right: Helene Boudreau sitting in her Lamborghini.

Helene Boudreau wearing a gorgeous white suit, Right: Helene Boudreau sitting in her Lamborghini.

Hélène Boudreau recently took to her Instagram Stories for an English-only Q&A where she dished on upcoming OnlyFans collaborations, her relationship with Jessy Jones and what she spends most of her money on.

It's no secret that the OnlyFans tycoon rakes in the big bucks and with recent collabs with adult entertainment company, Bang and features on PornHub, Boudreau is undoubtedly thriving.

When she was asked by one of her nearly 300,000 Instagram followers "where most of her money goes to?" Boudreau didn't hold back.

Investments was at the top of the list. Boudreau has made it clear that she plans on giving sex work her all for the next five or so years in order to save and retire early, so it comes as no surprise that she invests most of her hard-earned cash.

Second on the list? Surgery.

The XXX content creator has had a number of procedures done, including a recent breast reduction, which she opened up about in an emotional video last fall. Luckily for Boudreau, she's said that she is more than happy with the results.

"People who fraud me," was next — and when you're in the public eye, we bet you've got a lawyer on speed dial and we bet even more than you're paying an arm and a leg for them.

As for what fell last on Boudreau's list? "Luxurious things," she wrote.

Boudreau is known for her love of all things designer, and luxury travels and she even purchased a Lamborghini. However, despite spending thousands and thousands of dollars on luxe items and big buys, Boudreau shared that she's no longer about that materialistic lifestyle.

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