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11 Pasta Spots In Montreal For When You Can't Stop Thinking About Carbs

Carbs will keep your soul warm during the cold months. 🍝
11 Pasta Spots In Montreal For When You Can't Stop Thinking About Carbs

Everyone dreads that one interview question: "What would you say is your biggest weakness?" Well if we're being honest, it's carbs. Definitely carbs. Because why lie when you could dig into a pipin' hot plate of pasta in Montreal.

With the cool weather here (sorry, someone had to be the one to say it), there's never been a better time for one of the best dishes out there.

Although to be fair, any time is pasta time.

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And with so many incredible places for food here in Montreal, you know you're bound to find an incredible dish.

Some places are more upscale, while some are more chilled and relaxed.

Kind of like pasta, itself.

You can have it as a celebration meal or you can have it as a last-minute dinner on a Tuesday night.

Because pasta doesn't judge.

You also know that it's made with so much love and passion that's absolutely contagious.

Even the names are so romantic.

Lasagne, spaghetti, fettucini.

Sounds like romantic poem. Nope, just my dinner order.

Now we understand why the Italians are so passionate....


Address: 1886, rue Centre, Montreal, QC

Fugazzi has a whole menu of mouthwatering plates of pizzas, pastas and more. There's a reason it's one of the most popular spots in town.


Il Miglio At Time Out Market

Address: 705, rue Saint-Catherine O., Montreal, QC

Time Out Market is the best of the city under one roof. And that includes Il Miglio. This go-to spot for pasta has become a Montreal favourite and should definitely be on your radar if it isn't already.


Da Emma

Address: 777, rue de la Commune O., Montreal, QC

Da Emma has hand-made pasta and an incredible wine-cellar. Everything you're looking for in an Italian restaurant. And everything celebrities, like Julia Roberts and George Clooney have looked for before, too!


Pizzeria Napoletana

Address: 189, rue Dante, Montreal, QC

You'd expect a spot in Little Italy to have great pasta. And Napoletana does not disappoint. The perfect blend of chill and that Italian sophistication, this BYOB restaurant is the perfect place to go when you're craving some serious carbs.



Address: 1504, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC

For something a little fancier, head over to Beatrice. It's a great spot for lunch or dinner, so whenever you get a calling for some pasta.


Pasta da Panza

Address: 3825, boul. Saint-Martin O., Laval, QC

An incredible spot for pasta, Pasta da Panza has homemade pastas, sauces and focaccias. is totally worth the drive to Laval. After all, it's the very thing the place is named after.


Taverne Gaspar

Address: 89, rue de la Commune E., Montreal, QC

Taverne Gaspar is a cozy spot in Old Montreal that adds a personal flair to bistro-style food. Perfect for nights when you're looking for a hot plate of pasta to warm your soul.


Bacaro Pizzeria

Address: See website for various locations

Another great spot in the city to get some delicious carbs.

Bacaro has you covered from pizza to pasta and everything in between.


Trattoria Gio

Address: 452, Place Jacques-Cartier, Montreal, QC

Also in Old Montreal, Trattoria Gio is an old-school Italian restaurant. It's got a great view of the square and is right in the heart of all of the action. Talk about dinner and a show.


BEVO Bar + Pizzeria

Address: 410, rue Saint-Vincent, Montreal, QC

BEVO is a super trendy spot with a wood-fire oven for pizza and mouthwatering pasta dishes. You won't know which dish to order first. But they're all amazing, so you can't go wrong.


Bistorante Boccone

Address: 170, rue Jean-Talon E., Montreal, QC

Another Little Italy spot, Bistorante Boccone is the perfect place for whatever it is you're celebrating. Even if it's just pasta, itself.


Let's get those carbs!

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