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3 Amigos Is Opening A New Location In The West Island & We Got A Little Sneak Peek (PHOTO)

Giants cocktails are coming to Pointe-Claire!🍹

3 Amigos Is Opening A New Location In The West Island & We Got A Little Sneak Peek (PHOTO)

To all the fans of Mexican food living in the West Island of Montreal, 2022 is about to get extra spicy for you. 3 Amigos is opening a new location in Pointe-Claire!

Tacos, margaritas, nachos and all the good things found on 3 Amigos' menu will be coming your way in the new year in its brand new location. And we got a sneak peek at what the new location is going to look like!

Courtesy of 3 Amigos

According to the rendering sent to MTL Blog above, the interior is set up to have a well-stocked bar, so you can indulge in items from its unique cocktail menu like the Lychee Daiquiri, the Tropical Sunrise or the Bull Dog.

And as you can see from the TV on the side, you'll likely be able to watch your favourite Montreal Canadiens players in action all while munching on some good Mexican cuisine.

Besides the new décor, the same great, upbeat vibes that all 3 Amigos have are sure to be maintained.

The new West Island 3 Amigos location is going to be located on boulevard Brunswick, which is right next to the Autoroute 40, making it easy to get to.

While the official opening date for this new hot spot has yet to be announced, the restaurant promised it would be "opening soon" in an Instagram post and specified that doors would open in the new year, meaning we should be able to expect to be able to get some of 3 Amigos tasty tacos in the West Island in early 2022.

3 Amigos' New West Island Location

When: Opening in 2022

Where: 50-A boul. Brunswick, Pointe-Claire, Quebec


This article's right-hand cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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