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3 Shootings In Montreal-Nord Took Place This Weekend

Two of the shootings happened in the exact same place on different days.

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3 Shootings In Montreal-Nord Took Place This Weekend

Over the weekend, three shootings took place in Montreal-Nord in just over 24 hours, two of which occurred in the exact same spot on separate days.

According to Montreal police, "The first event took place around 6 p.m. [on Friday]. A call was made to 911 for gunshots at the corner of rue Pascal and boulevard Rolland, in the sector of Montreal-Nord."

SPVM Media Relations Officer Jean-Pierre Brabant explained that when the police officers went to the scene, they located the victim, a man with a gunshot wound who had taken refuge in an apartment on rue Arthur-Chevrier.

"According to the preliminary information we received, the victim was walking with a friend on boulevard Rolland when a vehicle approached the two people and stopped them, and that's when one of the people in the car loaded a gun and shot in the direction of the two people. He hit the 32-year-old man, and the other person who was with him was not injured," the SPVM spokesperson said. The vehicle then fled the scene.

The victim was brought to the hospital "with gunshot wounds to the lower body," but Brabant said he remained conscious and there is no longer any fear for his life.

The scene was then analyzed by forensic identification officers, and witnesses were interviewed as well as the victim, who is not known to police. Surveillance camera footage will also be reviewed.

"We may get descriptions of the vehicle that was involved because, for the moment, the only information we have is that a dark vehicle fled quickly after the shots were fired," he concluded.

Then, another incident took place around 2:20 a.m. Saturday morning, also in Montreal-Nord. Police received a call about gunshots being heard at the corner of rue Monselet and avenue de Bruxelles.

When the police arrived on the scene, Brabant said they noticed several shell casings on the ground but no victim had been located.

"A little later, a call was made mentioning that there was a 25-year-old man who presented himself in a hospital in the greater Montreal area with a gunshot wound to the upper and lower body. And like with the first victim, following verifications, we were able to confirm that there was no danger to his life."

The SPVM media relations officer added that "according to the police officers' analysis, everything leads us to believe that the victim was linked to the shells that were found at the corner of Monselet and Brussels and that this would be where the event occurred."

On Saturday evening, a third shooting took place around 6:45 p.m. at the "same place the first attempted murder took place in Montreal-Nord," according to Brabant — again on the corner of rue Pascal and boulevard Rolland.

A 28-year-old man was walking when a car approached him, and there was a short exchange from the car window before the "victim got shot at least once to his lower body."

The suspect had fled the scene before police arrived, but the victim was quickly brought to a hospital. Brabant confirmed his life is not in danger.

So far, no arrests have been made for any of the three shootings, and investigations are ongoing. Montreal police are "trying to see if there's a link between those three events."

"We have officers on site in Montreal-Nord where the events took place, so we have a visibility program that's ongoing right now, first of all to reassure the public in that sector, and second reason, to try to get information on those events so we can move forward in the investigation and hopefully arrest someone, or people, that were involved in this attempted murder," Brabant concluded.

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