3 People Have Died After Gunshots Were Fired At A Montreal Apartment Building On Monday

Police are aware of two other victims who were injured by the gunshots.

According to SPVM spokesperson Julien Lévesque, three people have died in relation to a shooting in Montreal on the evening on Monday, August 2.

"A bit before 7 p.m. [Monday] night, various 911 calls were received reporting gunshots on Perras boulevard and 54e avenue in Rivière-des-Prairies," Lévesque said.

The gunshots were reportedly fired outside in the direction of an apartment building.

Currently, the SPVM is aware of five people who were injured by the gunshots, three which resulted in fatalities.

Police are still waiting to find out updates about the state of the other two victims.

As of Monday morning, the crime scene was still "protected" and an investigation remained ongoing.