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4 Montreal Flights Had Passengers Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 In The Past Week

One of them was from Ottawa to Montreal.
4 Montreal Flights Had Passengers Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 In The Past Week

Four Montreal flights since November 18 have been confirmed to have had passengers who tested positive for COVID-19 on them.

The government has a public list on its official website of potential flights, cruises and trains where people could have been exposed to COVID-19.

On the list, which is updated daily, we can see that one domestic flight, namely Air Canada / Jazz AC8956 / QK8956 Ottawa (YOW) to Montreal (YUL), has reported a potential risk for exposure in the past seven days.

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4 Montreal flights exposed to COVID-19 since November 18

As for international flights that were either going or coming to YUL airport, three have been deemed to have had at least one passenger with a case of COVID-19 onboard.

These Montreal flights were arriving or departing to New York, Amsterdam and Paris.

The affected rows on each plane are listed on the government's website.

And these numbers are just for ones that have come or gone to the YUL airport since November 18.

The Canadian government has flagged nine international flights and 12 domestic flights flying in and out of various Canadian airports as having been exposed to COVID-19 during the past seven days.

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