5 Montreal Bakeries With Mini Eggs Easter Treats For All You Mini-Eggheads

From Mini Eggs cannolis to Mini Eggs bread and donuts, Montreal has got it all!

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Mini Eggs cookies. Right: Mini Eggs cannolis on a pink plate.

Mini Eggs cookies. Right: Mini Eggs cannolis on a pink plate.

April marks the month of sweet indulgence into the creamy world of chocolate. And in that world, Mini Eggs reign supreme. This is exactly why we made a list of Montreal bakeries where you can find desserts filled with these little colourful eggs to properly celebrate the Easter season (or just, you know, the weekend).

Since Easter is around the corner, you're going to want to make sure to order ASAP because you know these spots are going to be hopping (like the Easter Bunny) from now until next Monday.

Café Rose – Crèmes, Café & Amour

Address: 26, rue Gounod, Montreal, QC

Dessert: Mini Eggs cannoli

Café Rose's Mini Eggs cannoli is the perfect combination of the divine Italian pastry and everyone's favourite Easter treat put together into one!

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The Cookie Twins

Address: Order online

Dessert: Mini Eggs cookie

It doesn't matter whether you're celebrating Easter or going on like its just another day in the calendar, these colourful, ooey-gooey cookies are sure to hit the sweet spot no matter what kind of day you're having.

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Address: Multiple locations in Montreal

Dessert: Mini Egg and Creme Egg waffles and milkshakes

Anyone looking for a little sugar boost this weekend should head over to try the spot's decadent Easter menu. We promise that your sweet tooth won't be disappointed.

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Bread Pitt Bakery

Address: Order online for delivery in Laval and Greater Montreal areas

Dessert: Mini Eggs bread

You've definitely heard of Mini Eggs cookies or donuts, but have you ever heard of Mini Eggs bread? It's an absolute must-try. Note that a 24 to 48-hour notice is required for all orders, so make sure to plan ahead!

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Tim Hortons

Address: Various locations in Montreal

Dessert: Mini Eggs donut

When it doubt, Tim Hortons drive-thru it out! If you're on the hunt for last minute treats to bring to your family dinner this Easter weekend, you can stop by a Tims to pick up a box of its Easter Nest Dream donuts, which are topped with Hershie's Eggies and will only be on the shelves until April 18.

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