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This New Montreal Café Feels Like You Walked Into A Field Of Flowers (PHOTOS)

Rose — Crèmes, Café & Amour is a flower-lover's paradise.

This New Montreal Café Feels Like You Walked Into A Field Of Flowers (PHOTOS)

Located just across from Jarry Park, a new rose-filled Montreal café just opened where it feels like every day is Valentine's Day.

Found in the heart of the Villeray district, Rose — Crèmes, Café & Amour is sure to become a favourite in the city with its colourful décor.

"Rose" is the perfect name for this new spot, as the entire place looks like a massive bouquet of flowers.

Weather permitting, you can sit by the garage door front, which fills the café with fresh air.

Chef Sarah Maude Huard created the menu, which composed of sandwiches, ice creams and gelatos, pastries, as well as coffees such as lattes, macchiatos, chai lattes and many others.

Everything is made on-site — even the bread for the sandwiches, the base for the gelatos and the many desserts available.

Rose — Crèmes, Café & Amour

Address: 26, rue Gounod, Montreal, QC

Type of food: Coffee, pastries, sandwiches, gelato and ice cream


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