6 Famous Habs Fans Who Are Just As Excited That The Boys Are Back As You Are

Another Montreal Canadiens season has (finally) started, which means another season of constant back and forth saying, "This is our year" and, "Oh well, we'll get 'em next time" You're not alone — there's a whole Habs nation going through the exact same thing, including some famous faces.

While some may have called the island home at one point or another or just love the team, we've got some pretty high-profile people we can call our fellow fans.

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We're thinking of inviting them over for a watch party — after lockdown, of course.

Let's hope they reply...

Céline Dion

The power of love for her hometown team is strong for our queen, which she's passing on to her three boys. And yes, we know PK left a while ago (we're still getting over it ourselves), but if Céline was a fan of ours, we'd also want others to share it.

Jay Baruchel

Born in Ottawa and raised in Montreal, the actor is known to be an avid Habs fan. He's been known to proudly rep his Habs gear wherever he goes.

Snoop Dogg

The king of cool and avid NHL-watcher, Snoop Dogg, rocked a Domi jersey last time he was here. Don't know which we'd want to see more: Snoop in a shootout or the Habs in a rap battle. Probably both.

François Legault

Of course, the premier is a massive fan of Quebec's team. So much so that they don't have to be home by 8...

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

He may play a different sport entirely, but that doesn't mean Montreal's golden boy of the NFL isn't a fan of his fellow Montrealers in the NHL.

Yoko Ono (and the late John Lennon)

George Bird | Montreal Star

The duo, who famously held their bed-in here in Montreal, loved their time here, getting to know the people and the culture. And that, of course, means hockey culture, too!