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6 Laws In Quebec That Are Super Weird For Expats

Newcomers might want to read this before booking a plane ticket 👀

Aerial view of Montreal from an aircraft.

Aerial view of Montreal from an aircraft.

Moving abroad requires a lot of courage and some time to adjust. Not only do you have to start from scratch in a new environment, you must also get used to the laws in your host country, even if they don't make any sense to you.

Quebec has some legislation that perplexed me when I moved to Montreal. Here are eight laws in Quebec that are super weird for expats:

Most Bars & Nightclubs Have To Close At 3 A.M.

Can someone explain why we can't dance the night away until sunrise? Wouldn't it be nice to have more events like Montreal's annual Nuit Blanche?

Nightlife in France ends when you emerge from the club at 6 a.m. and you go straight to the nearest bakery for breakfast.

Montreal has been testing all-night nightlife on several occasions in 2022 and 2023, but sadly, the regular last call is at 3 a.m.

Weed Is Legal — But Only When Sold By The Government 

The fact that cannabis is legal for recreational use in Canada is already mind-blowing when you come from France.

But what I find even more surprising is that only the government-owned SQDC can legally sell pot in Quebec.

I can't picture the French government selling weed to its citizens, ever.

You Must Pay Driving License Fees Every Year Before Your Birthday 

What a lovely birthday present from the SAAQ!

A few weeks before your date of birth, the Crown corporation reminds you to pay fees to keep your driving privilege.

Luckily, it only costs $24.75 this year thanks to an "insurance contribution vacation" implemented by the government.

French Words Must Be Bigger Than English Words On Signs

I do understand the intention of keeping the French language predominant in Quebec.

But Quebec must be one of the few places on Earth to have legislation about font size on signs.

The law doesn't prevent grammar and spelling mistakes on local signs, according to a study by the Office québecois de la langue française (OQLF).

You Can Drive A Car At 16 Years Old

Having your own car in high school is actually pretty cool.

In France, you have to wait to be at least 18 years old to drive.

No matter the age, driving in Montreal can be a tedious task, so here's some advice to not become a d*ck on the road.

Turning Right At The Red Light Is Permitted Everywhere Except In Montreal

The prohibition applies to our island for thesafety of pedestrians and cyclists.

The rest of Quebec allows it. Try not to forget, or you might get in trouble!

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