7 Spots In Montreal To Check Out When You're In Search Of A New Plant Friend

There's something so comforting in having a little bit of greenery at home. A daily dose of nature is good for the soul. Plants are not only beautiful, but they also have amazing benefits! So we decided to bring you both with a list of Montreal plant stores do you to get some colourful new friends.

Montrealers know a thing or two about living in a green city.

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Between parks and gardens all over the island, it's safe to say that plants are part of our everyday life... and we're not just talking about Valérie Plante.

But since we can't bring the parks home with us, the next best thing is to head to a nursery or a florist and pick up a pot or bouquet of your own.

Many people have lots of questions as they bloom and grow into the best plant parent that they can be.

That's why each of the places that we've listed here not only have great selections for you to buy, but staff who are passionate about plants and ready to answer all of your questions.

Have you had your greens yet today?


Address: 5445, ave. de Gaspé local 333, Montreal, QC and Online

Plantzy is an online plant agency that offers a wide range of plants and products to bring some greenery to your life.

They also have some great guides and resources for any and all questions about being a plant parent, plus bi-monthly classes at the Mile-End workshop.


Venus Flowers & Plants 

Address: 237, ave. Mont-Royal O., Montreal, QC

With over 1,500 varieties of flowers and plants, Venus is a great spot to pick up a plant (or 1,500). While you're there, why not send a special bouquet to a special someone? You can visit the store or order online.


Centre Jardin Atwater 

Address: 3025, rue Saint-Ambroise, Montreal, QC

Atwater is a great place for lots of natural products and plants are no exception. Stop by Centre Jardin Atwater for all types of greenery.


Cactus en ligne 

Address: Online

Like the name suggests, this one's an online shop. But where you shouldn't be fooled is thinking you can only get cacti — There's a whole range of succulents and products to choose from.



Address: 5409, blvd. Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC

Since opening in 2004, Vertuose has been a go-to spot for plants and the soothing vibes that comes with them. The summer sale is coming up and new stock is on the way, so be sure to check it out.


The Flower Pot 

Address: 6334, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC

The Flower Pot is the perfect spot for plant-lovers. You can get floral arrangements, potted plants and even fruit and chocolate gift baskets.


Le Jardin de Mathilde 

Address: 4507, ave. de Lorimier, Montreal, QC and 2619, rue Masson, Montreal, QC

With two locations to choose from, you can head over to Le Jardin de Mathilde for all of your plant babies and maybe even pick up something you didn't even know that you needed.


Don't forget to give your new baby a name!