7 Montreal Restaurants That Take Classic Mac n' Cheese To The NEXT Level

Everyone's favourite plate of comfort food. 🤤
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7 Montreal Restaurants That Take Classic Mac n' Cheese To The NEXT Level

It's that comfort food time of the year. You know, when all you want to do is stay cozy inside and have a heaping plate of your favourite food at a delicious Montreal restaurant. For many of us, that's favourite is an oldie, but a goodie: mac n' cheese.

In fact, did you know that Canadians eat more mac n' cheese per capita than anywhere else in the world.

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Yeah, we're pretty proud.

Especially when it comes to everyone's favourite childhood meal: Kraft Dinner.

But since we're so much more mature now, we've moved onto bigger and better mac n' cheeses...

Alright, fine, we can all admit we still love Kraft Dinner. It's gotta be KD.

All over Montreal, you'll find some incredible takes on the classic comfort food.

And even a few that take it to the absolute extreme.

Montrealers don't mess around. Then again, do we ever when it comes to food?

Next time you've got a craving for a taste of nostalgia or are in need of some serious comfort food, check out these seven spots for mac n' cheese in the city.

L'Gros Luxe 

Address: See website for various locations

L'Gros Luxe is one of those places that makes you feel at home and like you're in the trendiest spot in town all at the same time. Next time you're craving mac n' cheese, you definitely have to try one of its three versions: classic, vegan and ribs.



Address: See website for various locations

If you're vegan and looking for an option to have some of everyone's favourite comfort food, head over to LOV. This version uses vegan mozzarella and cheese sauce and, as always, it's Local, Organic and Vegan (hence, LOV).


Le Cheese Truck 

Address: 5976, ave. Monkland, Montreal, QC

If it's called Le Cheese Truck, you know it's gotta have good one. Here, you can get a gorgeous bowl of mac n' cheese, served with green sugar peas, roasted cauliflower, homemade cheese sauce and caramelized cheese.


La Belle & La Boeuf 

Address: See website for various locations

This may not be mac n' cheese per se, but to be fair, it's mac n' cheese on a burger and the puns, themselves are made of mac n' cheese. So, we'll let it slide! You can also get some as a side if you're looking for more.


Burger Bar 

Address: 1464, rue Crescent, Montreal

Despite its name, Burger Bar has some unbelievable baked mac n' cheese. You can get the classic, bacon, buffalo chicken or pesto.



Address: See address for various locations

Who says mac n' cheese can't be for breakfast? You can get mac n' cheese with a fried egg at this breakfast spot because, you know... it's all about balance.


Dirty Dog's

Address: 3685, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC; 2010, rue Crescent, Montreal, QC

Is the cheese your favourite part of poutine? Then you have great taste.

And you definitely need to try one of the mac poutine', like this Chik n'Mac Waffle: Belgian waffle, homemade fried chicken, four-cheese mac n' cheese and poutine.


Now go and get those carbs!

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