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7 Things All Montrealers Do The Minute Spring Weather Hits

How many of these apply to you?
7 Things All Montrealers Do The Minute Spring Weather Hits

Spring has sprung in Montreal, as they say — and if you're a born and raised Montrealer, you know that means terrasse weather is right around the corner (did someone say boozy brunch?)!  

Just like you, we're fiending to go outside in our Nikes and a denim jacket — and while this year's season is drastically different from what we're used to, we've rounded up things all Montrealers do when the warm weather hits for some sense of normalcy.

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Shove our winter gear to the back of our closets in defiance

We get it — Quebec winters are tough.

If you're from Montreal, you may be used to aggressively shoving your heavy-duty winter coat, hats, boots, gloves, scarves and other assorted paraphernalia to the back of the closet the minute Montreal weather hits plus five.

Spend more time outdoors

This one is a no-brainer. While Montreal's many winter activities can be fun, nothing beats being able to ride your bike — or a BIXI — through part of the city's 500-kilometres of bike paths or sunbathe in one of the city's many green spaces.

Plan Quebec road trips

Quebec has tons of hidden gems to explore, from waterfalls in Quebec City to freshwater beaches in Chelsea.

Since spring is basically the start of the summer for Quebecers, it's the perfect time to start planning regional road trips across Quebec.

Hit up the city's many cultural centres

While it may not yet be warm enough to sprawl out on the grass of your favourite Montreal park, it's just warm enough to spend the day comfortably strolling around the city, hitting up the latest in exhibitions at local museums — which are open in Quebec red zones.

Shop downtown on weekends

Montreal malls are often a go-to for winter hangouts, being indoors. But when spring hits and you want to enjoy sunny days while they last, browsing through downtown shops is the perfect weekend activity — followed by an affogato or tacos to go.

Buy artisanal snacks from Atwater or Jean-Talon Market so we can drink outside

If you love trying local delicacies and supporting local businesses, Montreal's two major markets are chock-full of handmade snacks and cider for the perfect foodie weekend in the city.

Since you need to also have food to be able to drink in public in Montreal, local eats are the perfect pairing to cheap SAQ wine.

Head to the gym for our summer gains

Hear us out on this one. We know Montrealers have been positively itching for gyms to reopen in Quebec red zones. As of March 26, Montrealers everywhere will be able to flock to gyms, giving them something else to do other than Netflix-ing life away during the seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic.

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