9 Of The Quirkiest New President's Choice Holiday Treats At Maxi & Provigo

They're all under $15 each.

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​Someone holds a bottle of mulled wine. Right: Cannoli kits.

Someone holds a bottle of mulled wine. Right: Cannoli kits.

President's Choice wants you to play with your food or, at the very least, to make mealtime fun. The popular brand, stocked at Provigo and Maxi, has added a bunch of new products to its holiday roster that simplify prep without sacrificing flavour. Some, of course, are just downright weird.

But if you're feeling adventurous, you can add fruit-based BBQ or gummy-stuffed chocolates to your shopping list to liven up your next potluck. Food costs aregoing up; fortunately the price of these items stays under $15, so you won't break the bank trying them out.

Cannoli Kit

Cannoli Kit.

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Cost: $8.99

Reason to try: Now you don't have to head out to a nearby Italian café or restaurant to enjoy a cannoli with your morning coffee. Each kit comes with eight shells and a bag of ricotta filling. If you're feeling uncouth inspired, you can simply skip the prep and squeeze the bag directly into your mouth.

Loads of Gummies & Candies Chocolate Bar

Loads of Gummies & Candies Chocolate Bar.

Courtesy of President's Choice.

Cost: $2.50

Reason to try: Instead of choosing between your sweets, you can have them all together in one bar. Plus, President's Choice promises a lot of gummies and candies in each bite.

Bavarian Style Soft Pretzels

Bavarian Style Soft Pretzels.

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Cost: $5.99

Reason to try: Stadium treats are now available from the comfort of your home. The frozen pretzels go in the oven for 10 mins and you can add salt or sugar, depending on your preference. President's Choice even suggests holiday pretzel-customizing parties as an alternative to cookie decorating.

Cranberry Vanilla with White Chocolatey Fudge Crackle

Cranberry Vanilla with White Chocolatey Fudge Crackle.

Courtesy of President's Choice.

Cost: $6.99

Reason to try: This new holiday treat features a blend of vanilla and cranberry ice cream with white chocolate "crackle" that melts in your mouth. PC's ice cream game is strong, so if you find the idea of crackle unappealing, you can always try their "World's Best Egg Nog" or "Peppermit Hot Chocolate" flavours.

Bibimbap Meal Kit

Bibimbap Meal Kit.

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Cost: $14.99

Reason to try: This kit promises "restaurant-style bibimbap" in under 20 minutes with jasmine rice, veggies and seasoned beef with Korean-style barbecue sauce. It's one of a new series of bagged meals that make some of your favourite meals easy to make. Other options include Butter Chicken, Peking-Style Duck Wraps and Chicken Pad Thai.

Jackfruit BBQ

Jackfruit BBQ.

Courtesy of President's Choice.

Cost: $2.50

Reason to try: This 100% meat-free BBQ is made from fruit and a fraction of the price of its porcine counterpart. It's part of the new PC line emphasizing plant-based meal alternatives. The seasoning is mild, so you can add spice if you want. You can also opt for the jackfruit Tex Mex tacos or unseasoned jackfruit shredded meat alternative.

Dealcoholized Mulled Wine

Dealcoholized Mulled Wine.

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Cost: $6.99

Reason to try: This family-friendly bottle comes full of flavour and with no hangover potential. PC claims that you can indulge in the classic holiday drink spiced with cloves, citrus and cinnamon and never realize it has 0% alcohol. All you have to do before serving is warm it on the stove and add a stick of cinnamon. There are a bunch of other wine types in the dealcoholized line, including cabernet, chardonnay, merlot and sauvignon blanc.

Mini Arancini Italian Rice Balls

Mini Arancini Italian Rice Balls.

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Cost: $8.00

Reason to try: It's easy to fill up on full-sized arancini, now at least you have a chance of saving some space for dinner. Of course, you could also have a box of these for dinner. These bites are crispy, cheesy and creamy with four kinds of cheese (ciao, provolone, grana Padano, pecorino and fontal).

Egg Nog

Rows of original and candy cane egg nog.

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Cost: $3.49

Reason to try: There are now three kinds of rich and creamy PC egg nog: original, candy cane and chocolate. Each one is true to flavour with candy cane offering a hint of mint and chocolate adding some warm cocoa to the already spiced mix. You can enjoy it cold or add it to your coffee to add a holiday twist.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Sofia Misenheimer is an Associate Editor for MTL Blog focused on gas prices in Montreal and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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