A 'Best Brunch Cities In The World' Ranking Put Montreal In 8th Place

We work hard, we brunch hard.

A 'Best Brunch Cities In The World' Ranking Put Montreal In 8th Place

Eggciting news for Montreal’s brunch-lovers.

The city was named the eighth-best brunch city in the world and number one in Canada in a recent report from British credit broker money.co.uk.

The report ranked cities around the world based on search queries for brunch-related terms, the number of places serving brunch compared to other meals and TripAdvisor reviews.

Montreal achieved a respectable score of 61.7/100 on the “delicious index."

No other Canadian city placed in the ten best places around the world for brunch.

“Montreal is carrying Canada’s brunch game on its back,” states the report.

Top honours went to Chicago, which scored 75/100.

“In the past 12 months, the search volume for ‘best brunch in Montreal’ has gone up by a huge 1,588%, showing that Montrealers are big fans of two meals combined,” it continues.

“11.97% of restaurants in this city serve brunch, and they have an average rating of 4.19. Of all the reviews, 53.32% are excellent, compared to the 3.31% that are terrible. We’re suddenly really in the mood for some Canadian bacon.”

Brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch, was invented in 1895 by English author Guy Beringer as a cure for hangovers, states the report, which might explain why Montreal is such a brunch-loving place.

“Not only would the late timings be kinder on a delicate stomach, but the meal was also supposed to be a chance to share stories of Saturday night’s ragers – or whatever the 1800s equivalent was – with friends. From this, the modern tradition of brunch was born. Thanks, Guy,” money.co.uk says.

And with demand increasing by 1,730% over the past year, Montreal’s desire for bottomless brunch has seen the greatest increase of anywhere in the world.

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