A Canadian TikToker Hilariously Shows The Difference Between Driving In Montreal vs. Toronto

Gotta love those potholes, eh?

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Jeff Goldvine in a video of how different driving on the roads are in Toronto versus Montreal.

Jeff Goldvine in a video of how different driving on the roads are in Toronto versus Montreal.

Montrealers are all too familiar with poor driving conditions. I mean…it's pothole central over here, right? So when Jeff Goldvine, a Montreal-based comedian and musician, created a video showcasing the difference between driving in Montreal versus Toronto — it's safe to say he was spot on.

The 12-second video, posted across Goldvine's socials, depicts him driving in the car and talking on the phone, or in this case a bottle of Gaviscon (A+ for prop use).


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"Yeah, no, no. I'll pick it up on the way home, not a problem," he says in the first clip of him cruising down the streets of Toronto — completely smooth sailing. Well, the same cannot be said for when Goldvine has the same exact convo while driving on the streets of Montreal.

As the clip transitions to the Montreal scene, Goldvine can barely get a word out as he drives over one pothole after the next. The clip shows him being violently hurled and tossed around his car, which isn't too far off from the real deal.

"Too accurate," one person wrote.

"It’s like driving on the moon," another pointed out.

And yes, it's exactly like driving on the moon.

Luckily, we can all laugh over these situations, considering potholes and construction are quintessentially Montreal. Otherwise, the only alternative is crying…

Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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