A Montreal Talent Agency Shared 7 Secrets For Getting Famous On TikTok

It's not a phase, mom...
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A Montreal Talent Agency Shared 7 Secrets For Getting Famous On TikTok

I'm sure by now you've probably heard of a little platform called TikTok (no, Millennials, not the Ke$ha song. We're really ageing ourselves here). OK, not so little — It's the video-sharing platform that has taken the world by storm, especially since the start of the pandemic. That's why Montreal talent agencies, like HENRY, have established specific divisions dedicated to the social media mega-player.

HENRY (which stands for High Earner Not Rich Yet), a division of ImageMotion, has offices here in Montreal and Miami and works with some of the biggest influencers.

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The team saw the future of TikTok and saw that it's not a phase like admittedly I thought (then again, I thought the pandemic would last a month max, so what do I know?!) and is looking to the future of digital creation.

MTL Blog reached out to the team to find out their thoughts on TikTok and what makes the platform unique.

Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity.

Why do you think TikTok has become so big during the pandemic?

"TikTok had around 40M Monthly Active Users in the USA alone before the pandemic, That number has grown to well over 100M," says Milad Sahafzadeh, president at Henry Talents. "This is an astounding growth for any social media channel."

"Several factors play a role including how engaging, and somewhat addictive, the application's design and its content
produced by the native creators are."

"Also users spent significantly more hours on their mobile devices and hungry for new cool content and there was TikTok providing them exactly that. TikTok's approach of attracting the Gen Z had a chain effect on picking up the curiosity of many parents and increasing the downloads at a much faster rate."

What do you need to become popular on TikTok? How do you get your videos seen?

"To become popular on Tiktok, I don't think there is a full established recipe to follow from A to Z, otherwise it would be too easy," says Noémie Monic, VP of Brand Partnerships.

"That said, I think there are some important elements that contribute to a creator's success on the platform."

"First, we must talk about consistency: creating and sharing content on a regular basis is definitely that common denominator amongst popular Tiktokers (from several videos a day to one every couple of days).

"Also, creativity and being able to develop your own universe is key to strongly position your page and engage with the audience; it's important to reflect on the components of your universe (like playing recurrent characters, for instance, something @kallmekris brilliantly did) as those will become part of your "trademark" with time and will help you be memorable to the viewers stumbling on your content. Once they connect (by being inspired, by laughing, by relating etc), chances are they'll follow and go back to your page for more."

"Tiktok is like a theatre, it's a stage for users to entertain others and where originality and rawness are more than welcomed, no place for shyness."

For Ericka Lessard, social & PR manager, it's all about "Using popular hashtags (jumping on what's #trending), growing your circle and making sure your content is high."

"TikTok might look like a regular social media platform for some people, but it really is something different when it comes to its virality." 

What do you think is the future of TikTok?

"The future of TikTok is what we're experiencing right now ... More brands globally are investing a significant amount of marketing dollars into these channels," says Sahafzadeh.

"The TikTok team is working hard on introducing lots of new more engaging features to compete more aggressively with channels like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Creators getting the opportunity to monetize their content and generate ad revenue and perhaps a revenue-sharing model with music platforms such as Spotify?"

"One thing for sure is that TikTok has built a very strong foundation for scale, and with a team of experts in Canada and USA as well as the support of partner agencies, they have made the platform part of the top list of mediums to invest in when looking to influence the market."

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