A New Montreal-Area Traffic Light Forces You To Stop When It Detects You're Being An A**hole

This new traffic light works like an a**hole detector.🚦

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The EARL traffic light in Brossard.

The EARL traffic light in Brossard.

A new traffic light in the Montreal area works like an a**hole detector, forcing speeders to stop while allowing passage for those practicing safe driving. The light is located near a school serving pre-k to high school students on rue Stravinski in Brossard.

The technology, known as FRED in French and EARL in English, is already widespread in Europe, according to the City of Brossard and the light manufacturer, Kalitec.

In its neutral state, EARL is always red. It turns green for approaching drivers that respect the speed limit. It remains red for those going over the speed limit.

The light in Brossard is equipped with a detector that reads a car's speed at 30 metres out, the city says. It stays red for drivers going over 30 km/h. There's also a sign further up the road indicating its presence.

For now, it's only a 90-day pilot project. Kalitec says EARL keeps records of speed and the number of vehicles that pass it. Brossard will look at the data at the end of the three-month pilot and determine whether to buy the technology.

Kalitec - EARL / FREDwww.youtube.com

"As mayor, citizen and mother, I always want to improve the safety of our children and citizens," Brossard Mayor Doreen Assaad stated in a press release. "It is a concern in Brossard to make our streets safer, as it is in most cities in Quebec. I am proud to welcome this innovative pilot project [...] which would have a positive impact on both pedestrians, by ensuring their safety, and drivers, by rewarding good driving habits."

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