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All The Montreal Highway Construction That Could Wreak Havoc On Your Summer Travel Plans

There's a longggggg list of construction this summer. 🚧

Aerial view of Montreal showing construction on the Turcot Interchange in the 2010s.

Aerial view of Montreal showing construction on the Turcot Interchange in the 2010s.

For drivers, summer 2022 will be marked by noise, dust, huffs, puffs, and likely more than a little screaming at no one in particular. Mobilité Montréal has released a long (long, long, long) list of Montreal highway construction projects that will affect traffic in the months ahead.

Believe it or not, the compilation below is only a partial list, including major projects on highways, bridges and thoroughfares on Montreal Island only. A complete list, including construction on the local street network and off-island highway stretches, as well as timelines, is available online.

But here are some of the construction projects to keep in mind.

  • Highway 13
    • Tunnel de Liesse (Dorval, Saint-Laurent):
      • detours, lane width reduction, lane number reduction, nighttime or weekend closures possible;
      • complete closure of the ramps in the Highway 13/Highway 520 interchange.
  • Highway 20
    • des Sources Interchange (Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Dorval, Pointe-Claire):
      • closure of the eastbound and westbound ramps from Highway 20 to boulevard des Sources;
    • 1re Avenue overpass (Lachine):
      • "partial or complete night closures in either direction;"
      • lane width reduction;
    • Saint-Pierre Interchange with route 138 (Lachine):
      • "long-term partial closures, at night or on weekends, of the ramps from route 138."
  • Highway 25
    • Tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine and the Souligny Interchange (Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve):
      • lane number reductions, nighttime and weekend closures, interchange ramp closures and detours.
  • Highway 40
    • Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge:
      • "maintenance work" will reduce the number of open lanes;
      • "partial night and weekend closures;"
    • between boulevard Morgan and avenue Lee (Baie d'Urfé):
      • repaving work forcing the closure of the eastbound section;
      • reduction of the number of open lanes;
    • between chemins de la Côte-de-Liesse (Saint-Laurent) and Canora (Saint-Laurent, Town of Mont-Royal):
      • "complete closure of the highway in either direction in the evening, at night or on weekends;"
    • boulevard des Galeries-d'Anjou overpass (Anjou):
      • "partial or complete evening, night or weekend closures;"
        • closure of ramps toward Highway 40 in the Anjou Interchange.
  • Highway 520
    • Highway 13 Interchange:
      • "long-term" ramp closures and obstructions to allow for overpass reconstruction.
  • Route 125 (boulevard Pie-IX)
    • complete closure of the intersection with rue Jean-Talon (Villeray—Saint-Michel—Parc-Extension);
    • Pie-IX Bridge:
      • closure of three lanes (leaving one open in each direction)
      • "complete bridge closure for 10 weekends during the summer of 2022."
  • Honoré-Mercier Bridge
    • single-direction closures on "several weekends;"
    • lane number reduction.
  • Turcot Interchange
    • ramp closures on the weekends of June 30 and September 2;
    • closure of a section of route 136 eastbound on the weekends of June 30 and September 2.
  • Ville-Marie and Viger tunnels (route 136, Ville-Marie)
    • "partial or complete night and weekend closures."
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