Almost 400 Quebec Schools Now Have COVID-19 Cases

The government reported a significant jump in cases.
Almost 400 Quebec Schools Now Have COVID-19 Cases

The Quebec government has published a document reporting that 58 new schools in the province have positive coronavirus cases — bringing the total to 392 Quebec schools with COVID-19 cases. 

The provincial government's data was updated as of September 21.

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817 Positive cases in schools

Of those 392 schools in the province, 120 schools in Montreal are listed as having at least one coronavirus case.

Thirty-three schools in Laval currently have coronavirus cases.

The government reported 507 total active cases between students and staff at schools in the province, which means those cases have the possibility of infecting others.

This is opposed to the 310 people with positive confirmed cases who have recovered and returned to school as of September 21, according to the government. 

The document also shows that 273 classes have been closed as a result of emerging cases in the school system, up from 144, as of September 11.

No new data regarding COVID-19 in schools has been published by the government since the beginning of the week.