Uber Is Offering Discounted Rides To Go Vote In Montreal

It's Election Day in Canada and if you need to take an Uber to get to your polling station, you're in luck.

According to a statement shared with MTL Blog, Uber riders can "get up to 50% off each way (maximum $5 per ride) by using the code VOTE2021 to get the discount during polling station hours."

"Uber is uniquely positioned to simplify voting, so we're doing our part to help Quebecers with a reliable and safe option to get to the polls," said Jonathan Hamel, public affairs manager for Uber in Quebec.

"All votes count and we want to help reduce barriers to voting."

Because transportation shouldn't be a barrier to you going to vote in this historic election. And remember, if you're working, your boss must make sure you have at least three consecutive hours to go vote today.

Polling stations will be open until 9:30 p.m. EST in Montreal.