Canadian TikToker Snarky Marky Visited Montreal & His Ontario French Just Didn’t Cut It

"What the hell is a go Habs go?"

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Canadian TikToker Snarky Marky Visited Montreal & His Ontario French Just Didn’t Cut It

Mark Gaetano, who is popularly known as Snarky Marky on TikTok, recently paid a visit to Montreal and gave the French language a go. Well, turns out his "10 years" of French education back in Ontario didn't prepare him all too well, and Mark definitely found out the hard way.

During his time in Montreal, Mark ventured over to Subway where he attempted to order in French and it didn't go over very well. "I just got off the train cause I am in Montreal and for those who don't know, Montreal is in a French-speaking part of Canada and I was thinking 'why don't I put my 10 years of French education to use?'"


Hey Montreal!

Mark shared that he'd practiced saying the different types of veggies and sandwich toppings he'd want at Subway in French. However, when it came time to execute the order, things didn't go according to plan.

"I find myself a Subway and I say "puis-je-un sandwich de pizza, which means 'can I have a pizza sub." Uh, hate to break it to you Mark, but that's not what that means.

Next came the toppings and Mark asked for some lettuce, or so he thought he did. "Puis-je un laitue svp," he asked the Subway worker.

The reply? A funny look, as Mark put it, and then she told him they also speak English. And we can almost feel her pity.

Considering the lack of verbs and heavy Ontario accent, we don't blame the Subway worker one single bit — they aren't paid nearly enough.

"I was just trying to come here and appreciate the culture and speak French," Mark said. "So English it is for the rest of the trip." And he wasn't kidding.

In a second video posted to his TikTok channel, Mark can be spotted touring the city, which includes stops in the Old Port and downtown Montreal. As he passed the #GoHabsGo sign outside of the Bell Centre, Mark couldn't help but wonder what it meant.



"What the hell is a go Habs go? This language barrier is getting to me," Mark said.

Wait, it doesn't end there. When the time came to try a "Montreal delicacy," Mark wandered into a McDonald's and ordered a McCroustillant, except he thought it was a McCroissant.

So, not only did he butcher the French language, although we love the effort, he decided to opt for Subway and McDonald's while in the most culinarily diverse and exciting city in Canada.

Oh, Mark…

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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