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Legault Gave 3 Reasons Why We're 'Winning' Against The 3rd Wave Of COVID-19

Finally, three reasons to feel hopeful!
Legault Gave 3 Reasons Why We're 'Winning' Against The 3rd Wave Of COVID-19

Finally, three reasons to feel hopeful about Quebec's fight against COVID-19! In his press conference on April 27, Premier François Legault told Quebecers that we're going to be starting summer 2021 in much better shape than summer 2020.

"So there is reason to be optimistic. We are getting to the end of the tunnel [...] We still have part of the tunnel left to drive through but we'll soon get to our destination," he said. If you need a little dose of optimism to get you through today, then check out Legault's reasons to feel hopeful right now. 

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The virus doesn't like the heat

According to Legault, "We know that the virus doesn't like heat and we can expect over the next few weeks it will be warmer and warmer."

There are differing opinions on weather temperatures affecting COVID-19, and the World Health Organization asserts that the virus can be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates. Just look at the COVID-19 situation in India or Brazil. 

That said, some studies do suggest that COVID-19 may spread less in warm and wet climates

At the very least, warm weather will allow us to get outside, where we know the risk of transmission is much smaller. 

We're getting to the end of the school year

Quebec data shows that 20.5% of COVID-19 outbreaks occur in educational environments. 

With schools' summer holidays approaching — from primary to university level — we'll hit pause on the environment that produces the second-most outbreaks in Quebec after workplaces. 

Vaccination is going well 

Quebec data shows that 33.7% of the population has received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

In terms of vaccine doses administered per 100,000 people, Quebec has administered the second-most doses of all of Canada's provinces, placing us just below Saskatchewan.

"We are confident we'll reach our objective of 75% of eligible people vaccinated by June 27," Legault said.

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