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A Quebec Talk Show Host Stepped Down After An 'Inappropriate Question' For Mamadi Camara

He said the "social media circus [...] came to lay blame and hatred" on his platforms.
Dany Turcotte Is Leaving TLMEP Following 'Inappropriate Question'

Tout le monde en parle host Dany Turcotte announced Thursday afternoon that he's stepping down from his role on the show after posing a question he later admitted was "inappropriate" to Mamadi Camara, who was a guest on the talk show on February 14.

Camara appeared on Tout le monde en parle after his wrongful arrest, which followed an assault on a Montreal police officer.

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I made an error in judgment by asking Mr. Mamadi Camara an inappropriate question.

Dany Turcotte

According to a report from the Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales (DPCP), the attack on officer Sanjay Vig occurred while he was issuing a statement of offence for an alleged "breach of the road safety code" on January 28.

Camara and his lawyer, Virginie Dufresne-Lemire, stated on Tout le monde en parle that he witnessed the altercation but never left his car while at the scene.

Camara spent six days in detention before his release in light of new evidence that exonerated him.

"Are you going to still use your cell phone while driving?" Turcotte asked on the show on February 14.

"That's another debate," Camara responded. "But I can assure you that I was not on my phone."

Turcotte called his comments an "error in judgment" on social media.

In a Facebook post on Thursday evening, he said the "social media circus" got "carried away" and wrote him hateful comments.

The former host said his confidence had dropped after several "social media storms" regarding past comments on Tout le monde en parle.

He described himself as being "paralyzed by the fear of being wrong" and also said his position as "court jester simply no longer seems relevant."

A February 18 press release by Radio-Canada confirmed Turcotte's departure from the show.

"Dany Turcotte informed the producers of Tout le monde en parle and Radio-Canada management today of his intention to end his role as Fou du roi on the show immediately," the statement said.

"Acknowledging his decision, Radio-Canada and the producers have agreed that Guy A. Lepage will host alone by the end of this season."

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