Montrealers Can Finally Get Their Hands On Jars Of Dic Ann's Famous Spicy Sauce

The Quebec burger chain's spicy mayo will also be available to take home soon.
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Montrealers Can Finally Get Their Hands On Jars Of Dic Ann's Famous Spicy Sauce

Anyone who has ever salivated over a Dic Ann's hamburger knows it's all about that signature spicy sauce. The recipe has been a secret since the first Dic Ann's opened in Montreal — on the corner of Boulevard Crémazie and Avenue Papineau — in 1954.

Now there's a way to get that coveted flavour at home without turning into a mad scientist, as you try to recreate the recipe in your kitchen.

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Dic Ann's has begun selling its sauce in take-home jars — and it says it will soon do the same with its spicy mayo.  

The burger chain, which boasts 13 locations across Quebec, made the announcement on social media. The sauce became available in all Dic Ann's restaurants on December 16. 

"YES, it is the EXACT same sauce we use in our restaurants! It is not modified in ANY WAY!" reads the Facebook post.  

Dic Ann's says you must always heat the sauce to a simmer before serving and always mix it before each serving. 

Dic Ann's fans are certainly excited. The post has hundreds of likes, comments and shares.

One person asked if the sauce could be shipped to the U.S. (Dic Ann's replied, "eventually.") Another commenter said she was going to travel an hour to "go get some supplies!"

For the first batch, there is a maximum of four jars per customer. A spokesperson from Dic Ann's told MTL Blog that there are currently only limited quantities remaining.    

Ilana Belfer
Contributing Writer
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