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Gas Prices In Montreal Will Probably Jump This Weekend & Could Hit A Yearly High

Fill up now if you can! ⛽

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​A Petro-Canada sign atop a Quebec gas station.

A Petro-Canada sign atop a Quebec gas station.

Montrealers will see another bump in pump prices this weekend, one that could push the average cost for a litre of gas to a yearly high. Projections by Gas Wizard show rates spiking to $210.9 cents for regular, $223.9 cents for premium, and $243.9 cents for diesel by Saturday. With average prices right now marked at $203.9 cents per litre, below today's expected cost of $205.9, CAA Quebec suggests filling up as soon as possible.

The weekend fuel forecast outpaces the highest rate recorded in Quebec over the past month, which hit $205.9 cents per litre on Wednesday. Montreal's price peak hit $204.9 cents per litre and costs haven't exceeded that amount in the past year.

According to CAA-Quebec, Quebec's gas costs are far exceeding the national average, which sits at $190.9 cents per litre. As stated by Gas Wizard, Vancouver will see the highest rate in Canada this weekend with $227.9 cents per litre.

A number of factors are influencing the skyward trend, including high demand for gasoline worldwide, a supply shortage due to delayed refining practices during the pandemic, and the restrictions in response to the war in Ukraine.

Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault called out the role of the Russia-initiated conflict on global gas prices in a Tuesday tweet.

His comment also responded to government critiques by Conservative candidate Pierre Poilievre, who blamed high taxes and devalued Canadian currency on skyrocketing pump costs.

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