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Hasan Minhaj Dissed Montreal As "Meh" With "A Lot Of French Energy" (VIDEO)

The comedian also called out Canadian actor Simu Liu.

​Hasan Minhaj on the Just For Laughs red carpet.

Hasan Minhaj on the Just For Laughs red carpet.

Hasan Minhaj had some choice words for Montreal and his friend Simu Liu during a red carpet appearance at the Just For Laughs Festival.

Weighing in on a major inter-city rivalry, the comedian told ET Canada that Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in the world while Montreal is "meh."

With signature deadpan delivery, he called out the amount of "French energy" and "'I'm better than you' energy" in the city.

"But this festival is really great," Minhaj said about Just for Laughs. "They kind of discovered me."

He brought his "King’s Jester" tour to Montreal as part of the festival. Just for Laughs then honoured Minhaj as stand-up comedian of the year during their annual award show in late July.

In a post about the award, Minhaj wished JFL a happy 40th anniversary and admitted it's "always fun to be back in MTL."

During his red carpet moment, Minhaj also called out actor Simu Liu, who organized a recent basketball charity event in Toronto.

"Simu stacked his team, so there was a conflict of interest. When you're doing a celebrity basketball game, you can't have former NBA players on your team," said Minhaj.

"Dare I say, it was a huge sign of corruption on your part as an organizer and a host of the event."

"Simu has a huge apology he owes all of us," he continued.

Minhaj demanded an in-person and Instagram apology from the Canadian actor.

"Not a story that will delete 24 hours later. I want an in-feed apology," he said. "Your move, Simu."

Liu then took his move, responding via Instagram story: "My court my rules," Liu wrote over the video of Minhaj's callout.

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