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Simu Liu Revealed His Favourite Montreal Restaurants & 1 Spot Got Some Extra Love

He also loves snowboarding at Mont-Tremblant.

Simu Liu making himself a bowl of soup in an episode of 'Fresh Off The Boat'.

Simu Liu making himself a bowl of soup in an episode of 'Fresh Off The Boat'.

Simu Liu, most known for his roles as Ken in Barbie and the Marvel hero Shang-Chi, took a break from the action to share his culinary conquests in Montreal. The Canadian actor revealed which Montreal restaurants he's visited and loved, and one spot, in particular, received a lot of extra admiration from the Kim's Convenience star.

Liu recently sat down with MTL Blog to discuss his latest campaign as Cheetos first-ever Canadian partnership. With his go-to being Flaming Hot Cheetos, the actor admitted that the only way to really get rid of that orange dust is to lick it off. Luckily for Liu — and lucky for us in the conversation that followed — finger-licking-good foods are something he's familiar with.

Simu Liu on a Toronto billboard for his newest campaign with Cheetos Canada.Simu Liu on a Toronto billboard for his newest campaign with Cheetos Canada.Cheetos Canada

The star, who is known to be quite the foodie, went on to share some of his favourite eateries across Montreal and it's safe to say his choices made us both very hungry.

Growing up in Mississauga from a young age, Liu has had plenty of opportunities to visit Montreal (opportunities he's taken plenty of) and its must-try restaurant scene so when asked if he's ever been, the actor was beyond thrilled to share some of his fave spots to visit.

"I've spent lots of time in Montreal," Liu shared. "I love snowboarding in Montreal at Tremblant, which I don't know if you'd count as Montreal," he continued. After referring to Mississauga as the "outskirts of Toronto" earlier in the interview, we decided to call Tremblant the "outskirts of Montreal" to keep the inside joke going.

Simu Liu Revealed His Fave Montreal Restaurants & 1 Spot Got Some Extra

As for his favourite spot to eat, Liu gave a major shout-out to one specific Montreal restaurant: Satay Brothers.

Satay Brothers' Chilli Crab Was A Hit

"I'll throw a random one out, 'cause this restaurant left such an impression on me," Liu said. "Do you know Satay Brothers? Is it still open?" he asked. Well, not only is it open, but Satay is thriving with not one, not two but three locations across Montreal, with its Notre-Dame resto standing as its original spot.

Liu went on to describe his time at Satay back in 2018-19 — claiming it to be one of the best foodie experiences he's ever had. I mean, Montreal does have that effect.

"I went to Satay randomly and I didn't know that this was going to be on the menu that night but they had this Singaporean-Malaysian chilli crab and it was just insane," Liu said. "It was one of the best meals I've ever had." And if you've ever dined at Satay Brothers, you can likely attest to what Liu is saying.

The Canadian actor even went so far as to say he'd fly back to Montreal simply to get a taste of that chilli crab again. "Look, if you're [Satay Brothers] watching this, or if this word can get out to you, you guys make a mean chilli crab and if you can make that for me again at some point, I will fly, I will travel for food."

Now, while the mouthwatering chilli crab dish doesn't appear to be on Satay Brothers' menu any longer, the Montreal restaurant just might bring it back after discovering how much the actor loved it. MTL Blog reached out to Satay, who was beyond happy to receive such positive feedback and is looking forward to hosting Liu again.

"Anytime we can satisfy a customer with food and make them relive a memory or create a new one that is why we do what we do," Satay Brothers said.

Simu Liu Loves His Bagels

Liu also took a moment to set the record straight on the Montreal bagel debate. "There's this old age debate over which bagels are better: St-Viateur or Fairmount," Liu said. Whoa. Not only is Liu familiar with Montreal's bagel debate, but he was able to successfully name the top spots no less (not to mention pronounce them right, too).

"I love St-Viateur," he continued. Liu made it clear that sesame and everything bagels are his favourites and that he loves to just hang out in the shops where the bagels are made sometimes since it smells so darn good. And well, same, Simu… same.

With bagels out of the way, Liu also gave his thoughts on Montreal's poutine scene. The actor is certainly no stranger to the Quebec meal, in fact, he's quite a big fan. During a red carpet appearance at the Toronto Barbie movie premiere this June, Liu said that poutine would be one of his go-to Toronto-inspired accessories that his Ken doll would come with (jerk chicken and roti were also among the chosen foods).

La Banquise For Poutine

While we would insist firmly that poutine is far more a Montreal-inspired item, we'll let his Toronto comment slide for now. Nevertheless, Liu had some hard-hitting things to say about Montreal's options for the classic cheese, fries and gravy dish.

"As for poutine? I gotta go with La Banquise," he said, pronouncing the restaurant's name perfectly. Despite Montreal being home to countless poutine spots to choose from whether it be Decarie Hot Dog, the Orange Julep or Chez Tousignant, La Banquise in Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal borough will always remain a standout choice, and even Liu knows that.

"Y'know I have never seen lineups that long out in the winter," Liu continued,. "And it gets cold in Montreal in the wintertime and seeing those lineups across the door at midnight is always crazy." Please, it can be minus 40 degrees Celsius out and Montrealers will still form lines down rue Rachel. I guess that's simply our dedication to our favourite dish at one of our favourite restaurants, right?

Although Liu is currently cozied up in his Los Angeles home, far from the nearest poutine or bagel spot, we both made a deal to eventually meet at Satay Brothers in Montreal for one more go at that chilli crab. And with winter only a few weeks away, you just might catch Liu waiting in line for a bite of La Banquise's notorious poutine creations.

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