Université de Montréal tower. Right: McGill University Arts Building.

Université de Montréal tower. Right: McGill University Arts Building.

Under provincial law, universities in Quebec are required to submit annual financial reports to the government. The reports include disclosures of senior management pay. Below are listed the compensations for the leaders of Montreal's four major universities as of the last round of reports, submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education in June 2021 and published by the National Assembly in November.

The reports are public. You can find them by searching for university names in the archive of documents sent to the National Assembly.

Concordia President Graham Carr

Concordia reported in 2021 that its president, Graham Carr, had a base salary of $424,423 in addition to other taxable elements in his overall compensation worth $1,706 in value.

The university Board of Governors confirmed Carr's appointment as president in December 2019.

McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier

With a salary of $478,901, Fortier was the highest-paid university leader on this list. Other taxable benefits in her compensation were worth a whopping $382,070.

Fortier was first appointed McGill's principal in 2013 and will exit the role on August 31, 2022.

UQÀM Rector Magda Fusaro

On the other end of the spectrum, Fusaro had by far the lowest salary: $230,091 plus other taxable elements reaching $4,716 in value.

She has held the position since 2018.

Université de Montreal Rector Daniel Jutras

Jutras had a base salary of $405,000 and other taxable elements worth $3,493.

He took over as rector in June 2021. His predecessor, Guy Breton, had a salary of $442,635 plus $326 in other elements at the time he stepped down.

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