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I Got A First Look At 'Imagine Monet,' Montreal's Massive New Immersive Exhibit (PHOTOS)

It feels like stepping right inside the colourful works of Claude Monet.

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I Got A First Look At 'Imagine Monet,' Montreal's Massive New Immersive Exhibit (PHOTOS)

Remember the breathtaking exhibition Imagine Van Gogh that we Montrealers got the chance to see before the pandemic hit? Well, now, starting on December 15, it's time to experience the works of French painter Claude Monet in the same way!

I got a first look at the new immersive exhibition Imagine Monet, presented by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, the same team that was behind Imagine Van Gogh and Imagine Picasso. And let me tell you, it's just as impressive.

With the chance to see every stroke of Monet's paintings come to life, the experience you get while seeing this exhibition at Arsenal Contemporary Art is art in itself. Seeing so many paintings at once makes his works look as though they are melting into each other.

Alanna Moore | MTL Blog

As you walk through the massive room, you feel as though you've stepped into each of the paintings you're surrounded by. In other words, you get to walk into Monet's world.

Alanna Moore | MTL Blog

The soothing music along with the calm colours of the artist’s paintings make for a tranquil experience.

Alanna Moore | MTL Blog

It may not be as wildly colourful as Imagine Van Gogh, but that’s strictly due to Monet’s choice of neutral colours versus the ones Dutch post-impressionist used in his art.

Alanna Moore | MTL Blog

Many pieces in the exhibition are of settings Monet painted of Normandy, where he lived and where co-designer Mauger was born, which is why she said she feels such an attachment to his paintings.

Alanna Moore | MTL Blog

All in all, this exhibition gave me an even greater love for Monet's works. Your time surely won't be wasted if you decide to check it out.

'Imagine Monet'

Alanna Moore | MTL Blog

Where: Arsenal Contemporary Art, 2020, rue William, Montreal, QC

When: December 15, 2021, to February 27, 2022

Price: Starting at $27 for adults


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