Montreal Just Ranked The 5th Best Canadian City For Young People To Work

Vancouver got the #1 spot.
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Montreal Just Ranked The 5th Best Canadian City For Young People To Work

It's always been a pretty well-known fact that Montreal is a great city to work in, but now it's official. For any young person deciding where in Canada to work, it's a perfect time to consider looking for jobs in Montreal.

Montreal was given 5th place in RBC and Youthful Cities' "Best Cities for Youth to Work" in Canada, which ranked 27 Canadian cities in total.

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The RBC and Youthful Cities' 2021 Urban Work Index determined the rankings by using 11 different criteria, including good youth jobs, climate change, public transportation, cost of living, and more.

Vancouver got the top spot for best Canadian city for youth to work in, with Hamilton (#2), Edmonton (#3), and Victoria (#4) following in its footsteps. Then, Montreal at #5.

Youthful Cities has even created an 11-point quiz for individuals to take to help them discover which Canadian city fits them best. 

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