Montreal Pride Is Rolling In For Projected VP-Elect Kamala Harris On Twitter

Harris spent her formative years in Montreal — and the city's showing her love.
Montreal Pride Is Rolling In For Projected VP-Elect Kamala Harris On Twitter

Now that the Associated Press has projected that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States, local love is pouring in for projected Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, a former Montrealer who attended Westmount High School

Harris started her political career early by protesting her right to play on the lawn of a Montreal apartment complex, according to the New York Times.

But — by the looks of Twitter right now — it's clear this isn't just a win for Harris or for the U.S. It's a win for Montrealers, Quebecers and Canadians alike who have taken to social media to express their pride. 

Harris is set to become the first woman and first woman of colour to be vice-president of the U.S. — and many are using this opportunity to claim her as our very own.

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FNoMTL, an account that highlights only the worst of our beloved city, wrote in all caps... so there's no doubt about FNoMTL's excitement level when it comes to having a former Montrealer in the White House.

Some Montrealers even posted photographic proof that Harris went to school here. Alan Drummond, for example, posted Harris' yearbook photo.

Journalist Elias Makos joked that Westmount High should start a merch store. Or was it a joke? Raise your hand if you'd buy Kamala Harris merch from her local alma mater.

And some took the opportunity to remind everyone of where a public school education can lead you.

Montrealers everywhere were excited at the prospect of a former Quebecer breaking several glass ceilings and making U.S. history.

And while she's not from Quebec, we can't forget Canadian music legend Jann Arden, who simply yet poignantly tweeted "KAMALA" in support of the projected V.P.-to-be.

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