Movie Theatres Can't Sell Popcorn When They Reopen — But They'll Be Compensated

The news follows the great #Popcorngate scandal of 2021.
Movie Theatres Can't Sell Popcorn When They Reopen — But They'll Be Compensated

Movie-goers beware — as excited as you are that Premier François Legault has announced the reopening of cinemas across Quebec, movie theatres won't be allowed to sell popcorn or other concessions, sparking the great #Popcorngate scandal of 2021. 

There is, however, a bright side for cinema owners. Responding to backlash that Legault himself called "Popcorngate," the premier announced in a February 18 press conference that the government would compensate theatres to make up for the financial loss of closing concession stands.

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We are going to give to the cinemas that [...] open from February 26th financial compensation for the food part.

Premier François Legault

#Popcorngate sparked a wave of online reactions from Quebecers — from conjuring popcorn cravings to devising plans to sneak snacks into theatres. 

During the same press conference, Legault explained why movie theatres are allowed to reopen but theatres that host live performances are not. 

Since the nighttime curfew is remaining in place, the premier said theatres' clientele would be less likely to attend daytime plays and shows.

Legault said theatre owners told him they would prefer to continue receiving financial aid from the government and reopen in the coming weeks, when the provincewide curfew may be lifted.

"They would prefer, for a few weeks, to continue to be eligible for financial aid and then [...] open in a few weeks. So that's the way we're going to wait a few weeks." 

Popcornless movie theatres are set to reopen on February 26.